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     "Agh-AGH! God. You look terri-um..." The blue-eyed personality core paused for a moment. "Good. Looking good, actually."
     That was the first thing he said when she met him. Back then, Chell had just woken from suspension in a place called Aperture Science and he needed help getting out. His name was Wheatley. He traveled around the facility using a ceiling rail. But that could only take him so far. Now and again Chell had to carry him around. He wasn't smart. He got both of them into heaps of trouble and almost killed several times. In an attempt to find an escape pod, Wheatley ended awakening the insane computer who controlled all of Aperture Science, GLaDOS. He's pretty much next to useless. But his intentions were good. He was funny in his own little way. The reasons for his mistakes was because he was programed that way. He was the greatest friend Chell could ask for.

     And that still hasn't changed. Chell thought narrowly dodging one of Wheatleys bombs. The heat from the small explosion raced against her skin.

    After destroying GLaDOSs access to her neurotoxin and turrets, Chell and Wheatley had confronted the insane AI computer and where able to switch GLaDOS with Wheatley using the core transfer. But Wheatley immediately went insane with power and transferred GLaDOS into a potato battery and began blaming Chell for making him do all the work while she just sat back and did nothing, which wasn't true. After being insulted by GLaDOS again, Wheatley sent her and Chell to the very bottom of Aperture. The two had to join forces if they planned to stop Wheatley before Aperture went into total meltdown, which Wheatley thought was just a trick so they could just get rid of him. So, after a few more tests that Wheatley forced them to do, and a few death traps, Chell and potato GLaDOS reached Wheatleys lair.

     "Oh god! Will you just keep still 'luv?" Wheatleys voice bellowed in anger, Chell had already attached two of the personality cores to him which only made him angrier. He sent another barrage of bombs at her. "You're going to die sooner or later so why bother trying to run?"

     Thinking quickly, Chell used the portal gun fired an orange portal at the wall behind Wheatley and fired a blue portal at where she just stood before jumping out of the way as the bombs fell through the orange portal and came out the blue one hitting Wheatley from behind.

     "AAAAGH!!" Wheatley cried in pain as they hit and fell limp.

     "Good! I'm sending you last core now!" GLaDOS said through the speaker. Just as the AI had said this a purple-eyed personality core came through the already collapsing wall hanging from GLaDOSs mechanical arms. Chell grabbed the core and ran back to Wheatleys limp mechanical body.  

     "Chell..." Wheatley muttered weakly still dazed and almost unconscious from the bombs. Chell hesitated looking down at his face. Chell could see the pain clearly in his half closed eye.

     I'm sorry it hurts. Chell thought, unable to speak. But this is what I have to do to save you. Biting her lip, Chell attached the last core.


     Something clicked. He felt the cores voice spread through him like a virus just as the space core and the core who called himself Rick had done. But he wouldn't let that stop him. He would not let them beat him. But his system was so corrupted by the mainframe that he could barely think straight.

     No. Wheatley thought beginning to shake himself back to full consciousness. I will not go back to that weak, little Wheatley again. Not ever! I'm going to kill them. I'm going to kill her! That lazy, good for nothing monster!

      Then the stalemate button was mentioned. Wheatley chuckled. He planned for this. He had planted and hidden bombs in the room where the stalemate button was. The moment she comes even close to that button, she'll be blown to pieces. And then she'll finally be dead.

      A sudden, familiar feeling hit him. He knew this feeling from before he was switched with GLaDOS. Was he...afraid? Afraid for who? Wheatley suddenly realized he was staring at Chell. Afraid for her? No, it couldn't be. Something must be loose in his system, maybe a plug or wire that's making him think this? Yes, must be a loose plug.

     "Go press the button! Go press it!" GLADOS said eagerly.

     "Do not press that button!" Wheatley found himself yelling. Chell ignored him and went through the portal and landing only a few feet away from the button. But wait. He wanted her dead, didn't he? He wanted to see her dead, burnt and decaying body...Didn't he? "Do not press it! I forbid you to press it; come bac-" But his voice was muted out by the sound blast.

     Wheatley watched in horror as Chell was blown through the barred door that separated the stalemate button from his lair. Her body hit the ground with a terrifying thud. He didn't want this. He never wanted this. The corrupted mainframe began to take over and Wheatley started to laugh.

     "Part Five!" He laughed in triumph. "I booby-trapped the stalemate button!"


     Chell opened her eyes. Everything was fuzzy. Her entire body ached from the blast. She felt her hand still holding the portal gun. Everything was collapsing now. By then, she didn't even know where she was aiming. She looked up at the ceiling and a fuzzy sphere of white became suddenly visible. Chell realized what it was the moment she pulled the trigger. It was the moon.  

     There was a moment of silence before a massive force began to pull Wheatley into the suction of space. He was now hanging by the main wire that connected him to the mainframe.
     "WHEATLEY!!" Chell then flung herself at him and grabbed hold of the little core trying to pull him out of the the suction of space.


     "WHEATLEY!!" He heard her yell as she tried to pull him back before getting pulled in herself. The part of him that wasn't corrupted wanted to yell her name while the part of him that was corrupted wanted to laugh hand watch her fall. In her panic, Chell grabbed Wheatley. The wire gave threatening shake but held.

     "Let go!" He said, still under the corruption of the mainframe. She held on tightly not letting go. Suddenly the space core came flying out hitting Chell. She was holding on with only one hand now. "Let go, we're in space! I can pull myself back in! I can still fix this!"

    "I already fixed it." GLaDOS said as one of her mechanical arms reached out and grabbed Chells hand while another came out ready to strike Wheatley. "And you are not coming back." The mechanical arm hit him with full force disconnecting him from GLaDOSs body. The corruption vanished, all the insanity and power was gone. Everything else was a blur. His damaged system couldn't take much more. Everything went black.


     "I'm not letting you fall again." A soft voice whispered.

     Wheatley felt warm all over as his system began to reboot. He was back in his-GLaDOSs lair. Chell was lying on the ground holding him close to her chest, not letting go. He looked up at her face. Her black hair tangled and knotted, her ivory skin dirty and scratched. Her gray eyes were dull and tired. But she smiled at him. A sudden rage filled him. Wheatley did this. He caused her so much pain and for what? Power?! He wish she would stop. He didn't deserve her smile after everything he did to her.  

     "I shouldn't be here." Wheatley said bitterly. "I should be stranded in space where I belong. Oh Chell, 'luv, I'm sorry."

     "Me too." Wheatley looked up at her in shock. "I'm sorry I couldn't catch you that time when you detached yourself from the rail. And I'm sorry for not being able to save you sooner from all that pain you must have been in when you were attached to GLaDOSs body."

     "Stop it!" He yelled. "You don't have anything to be sorry for. It's all my fault this happened. I'm the one who should be sorry and I am! Why didn't you just let me fall and have me stranded in space like I deserve?!"

      "Because I forgive you." She said holding him closer resting her chin on him. A surge of emotion took him. No tears fell, but Wheatley cried none-the-less. He didn't want to escape. He didn't want power. He didn't want to fight.

     Wheatley was with Chell again. That's all he ever wanted.
Okay, so I haven't played the game but I watched a walkthrough of Portal 2 on youtube. And Wheatley is just the best character that I have seen in a video game.

Now that I think about it. In all the video games, tv shows, and movies, I have never seen a robot and a human as a pair until now.
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ToaDJacara Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
Great job :)
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This would be awesome as a machinema...:)
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Man, so cute.
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Amen to that. The Two Musketeers. Holmes and Watson. Aristotle and... whoever he was mates with, Socrates possibly. Wheatley and Chell. :bucktooth:
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